Adventures through Trechara

The Crypt

How we got Mounts

As we entered the crypt, we saw coffins on the walls and at the far end of the room was a large sarcophagus. Naturally we assumed the most treasure would be in the sarcophagus and headed towards it. There seemed to be no traps and when we got to it we could see why. There were only 3 gold pieces inside the sarcophagus. We knew that couldn’t be the only thing in this your so we searched the other coffins and felt the walls for a secret passage. While nothing was found in the coffins, a loose block was found and it opened a secret passage leading to a split of stairs.

Both set of stairs went down but boots were heard coming up the right one, so we waited prepared for anything that might come up the narrow passage way. But instead of finding an enemy it happened to be one of our old adventurers a dwarf who had gone to become a Dwarven Defender. He appeared with three of his fellow dwarfs and joined us.

So we went down the left stair case which slowly became more of a cave then a passage and finally it opened into a cavern. Sitting inside the cavern were 2 massive Bulettes. A Bulette is a large beast almost completely covered in armor. It highly resembles an armadillo. The beasts came at us and i swung at the one on the right hitting one of its legs but doing minimal damage. Finally after what felt like hours we had killed the Bullets but our dwarf had fallen unconscious during the fight. Although we found no loot in the cave we did come across 4 Bullet eggs which we plan to as mounts once they hatch and grow.

We returned up the stairs and proceeded into the next room. At first it seemed as though no one was there but then there was a eerie howl and a beast was feasting on one of the dwarves. The other 2 quickly started to fight it but we killed in friendly fire by myself and the cleric, which I have to admit was not completely on accident.

Then the beast attacked our rogue and stuck 2 tentacles into him. The beast was literally stealing his bone marrow. I quickly kicked it off him and stuck my axe into his neck. The cleric also took a swing but missed. As the rogue was recovering the beast swung at me but instead tripped on its own feet and fell in front of me. I quickly stuck my axe back into the wound I had opened and finished the beast. As we killed it our dwarf appeared back in the room. We had assumed he was dead but apparently was merely unconscious. He rejoined us after searching the room for loot and we continued into the next.

The next room was a narrow but tall room. We all brandished our weapons ready for anything when suddenly an arrowhawk came down from the ceiling and attacked us followed by three more. At the time we didn’t know that these were just the babies. We sat and fired shots back and forth with our crossbows while simultaneously trying to dodge lightning from the hawks. We eventually killed them.

Thinking the fight was over we put away our crossbows and continued but were fasted with the biggest arrow hawk we had ever seen. I quickly tried my luck and threw my battle axe up at the bird and luckily cut off its tail, then caught the axe as came back to the ground. Now impaired without its tail it began falling and the rogue threw his lucky dagger the bird. Now the dagger spun 4 times then cut the head off the bird. Because of how narrow the room the dagger bounced off the wall and returned to his hand. This is one of the many reasons he calls it his luck dagger. We then finding no loot cut open the birds and rest in them to try to regain some energy for the next fight.

As we woke we continued into the next room and were met with a big chest. But when we walked over towards it was cover with a slime that resembled black pudding. As the dwarf swung at it he cut it but it only broke into 2 more. We then tried to remember if we had ever heard of anything like this before. Then realized it could only be killed when each one was small enough so we cut one of them again and it split into to 2 more. Then one of the balls of slime jumped onto our cleric and then spit acid onto him nearly melting his armor and burning has skin to say the least.

We fought on until we had finally split them into nothing. But during the battle our cleric had become fatally wounded but lucking I could patch him up in time. After we killed the last one we saw the chest again so we decided to open it.

Inside the chest we found a flaming crossbow that wouldn’t burn the user but would burn the the enemy. Second we found a hide armor made from a rhinoceros. The helmet had a horn on top of it and it looked like it would hurt. Third we found a rusty iron gauntlet but thanks to our cleric we could tell that it could rust people weapons and armor through touch and protected the wearer of any type of rust, magical or otherwise. And last but not least we found another statue for our cleric. One of the three ebony goats. This one happened to be the one that transformed into a massive goat and charge people and monsters alike with its massive horns.we dived up the loot so one person got one. I, myself, took the hide armor seeing as it being a good choice because I charge people. The cleric took the ebony goat. The rogue took the fiery crossbow and the dwarf took the gauntlet that destroyed armor and weapons.

On our way out of the cave a dracotaur approached us. “Give me all the loot from the crypt” he said to me. I not liking to speak to strangers backed off and let the rogue do the talking. “You aren’t getting shit” I heard him say as I turned around and charged the dracotaur who had pointed his weapon at the rogue.


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