Adventures through Trechara

The Pit Fiend

After the ordeal with The Horde we continued into what seemed like an empty village. As we were exploring the area a Pit Fiend walking his hounds came to the village. We noticed he had a very nice fedora and a neck beard. We began a conversation and he told us of a place to get some loot to make the trip worth. He said there was a Bone Devil in the area that had a lair with some nice loot. We began to explore the area around the village, when we came upon the demon. I charged at it but as i was about to hit it i charged through the demon. It reappeared behind our cleric dealing massive damage. We fought the demon for about 30 seconds when it summoned an ice wall to isolate our cleric and finish him off. The assassin ran full speed and jumped 40 feet into the air, over the wall, tumbling into a fighting position. Simultaneously the barbarian charged through the ice wall, shattering it. The beast saw it was outnumbered and teleported about 50 feet away. All three of us fired our crossbows and hit it in the head. We heard a bunch of demonic children cheer and his body exploded into a chest. We then collected our loot and headed back to the village.

The Horde

As we entered a new area, a flood of lava began pouring out of the canyon walls. It amassed into the a giant blob spread out across the floor of the canyon. Then it split apart and began to morph into beings. 50 Lemurs were formed form the lava and charged us like a horde. The assassin boldly fought as he took down half of the horde. He jumped from foe to foe killing each one in one or two strokes. Meanwhile the cleric had beat down a meager two lemur. The cleric is really bad at killing things. He decided to conserve the time it would take to beat all the lemurs to death by Summoning the Goat of Trevail. The beast roared a mighty roar and rekt the rest of the lemur, for he was too OP for them.

The Trip to Hell

We decided to head to the library to find a quest or some ancient legend to best but on our way we met a chain demon. After we rekt the chain demon we continued to the library where we found a portal to hell. We entered the portal and came to a temperate plain. We were in the middle of a massive mountain. At the top of the hill was a bronze castle. Demons man the walls and begin firing upon us. We tried to make our way up the mountain but took some arrows to the face on the way up. I decided to crawl up a crevice in the mountain and avoided further damage. We them sieged the castle and killed all the demons.

The Crypt
How we got Mounts

As we entered the crypt, we saw coffins on the walls and at the far end of the room was a large sarcophagus. Naturally we assumed the most treasure would be in the sarcophagus and headed towards it. There seemed to be no traps and when we got to it we could see why. There were only 3 gold pieces inside the sarcophagus. We knew that couldn’t be the only thing in this your so we searched the other coffins and felt the walls for a secret passage. While nothing was found in the coffins, a loose block was found and it opened a secret passage leading to a split of stairs.

Both set of stairs went down but boots were heard coming up the right one, so we waited prepared for anything that might come up the narrow passage way. But instead of finding an enemy it happened to be one of our old adventurers a dwarf who had gone to become a Dwarven Defender. He appeared with three of his fellow dwarfs and joined us.

So we went down the left stair case which slowly became more of a cave then a passage and finally it opened into a cavern. Sitting inside the cavern were 2 massive Bulettes. A Bulette is a large beast almost completely covered in armor. It highly resembles an armadillo. The beasts came at us and i swung at the one on the right hitting one of its legs but doing minimal damage. Finally after what felt like hours we had killed the Bullets but our dwarf had fallen unconscious during the fight. Although we found no loot in the cave we did come across 4 Bullet eggs which we plan to as mounts once they hatch and grow.

We returned up the stairs and proceeded into the next room. At first it seemed as though no one was there but then there was a eerie howl and a beast was feasting on one of the dwarves. The other 2 quickly started to fight it but we killed in friendly fire by myself and the cleric, which I have to admit was not completely on accident.

Then the beast attacked our rogue and stuck 2 tentacles into him. The beast was literally stealing his bone marrow. I quickly kicked it off him and stuck my axe into his neck. The cleric also took a swing but missed. As the rogue was recovering the beast swung at me but instead tripped on its own feet and fell in front of me. I quickly stuck my axe back into the wound I had opened and finished the beast. As we killed it our dwarf appeared back in the room. We had assumed he was dead but apparently was merely unconscious. He rejoined us after searching the room for loot and we continued into the next.

The next room was a narrow but tall room. We all brandished our weapons ready for anything when suddenly an arrowhawk came down from the ceiling and attacked us followed by three more. At the time we didn’t know that these were just the babies. We sat and fired shots back and forth with our crossbows while simultaneously trying to dodge lightning from the hawks. We eventually killed them.

Thinking the fight was over we put away our crossbows and continued but were fasted with the biggest arrow hawk we had ever seen. I quickly tried my luck and threw my battle axe up at the bird and luckily cut off its tail, then caught the axe as came back to the ground. Now impaired without its tail it began falling and the rogue threw his lucky dagger the bird. Now the dagger spun 4 times then cut the head off the bird. Because of how narrow the room the dagger bounced off the wall and returned to his hand. This is one of the many reasons he calls it his luck dagger. We then finding no loot cut open the birds and rest in them to try to regain some energy for the next fight.

As we woke we continued into the next room and were met with a big chest. But when we walked over towards it was cover with a slime that resembled black pudding. As the dwarf swung at it he cut it but it only broke into 2 more. We then tried to remember if we had ever heard of anything like this before. Then realized it could only be killed when each one was small enough so we cut one of them again and it split into to 2 more. Then one of the balls of slime jumped onto our cleric and then spit acid onto him nearly melting his armor and burning has skin to say the least.

We fought on until we had finally split them into nothing. But during the battle our cleric had become fatally wounded but lucking I could patch him up in time. After we killed the last one we saw the chest again so we decided to open it.

Inside the chest we found a flaming crossbow that wouldn’t burn the user but would burn the the enemy. Second we found a hide armor made from a rhinoceros. The helmet had a horn on top of it and it looked like it would hurt. Third we found a rusty iron gauntlet but thanks to our cleric we could tell that it could rust people weapons and armor through touch and protected the wearer of any type of rust, magical or otherwise. And last but not least we found another statue for our cleric. One of the three ebony goats. This one happened to be the one that transformed into a massive goat and charge people and monsters alike with its massive horns.we dived up the loot so one person got one. I, myself, took the hide armor seeing as it being a good choice because I charge people. The cleric took the ebony goat. The rogue took the fiery crossbow and the dwarf took the gauntlet that destroyed armor and weapons.

On our way out of the cave a dracotaur approached us. “Give me all the loot from the crypt” he said to me. I not liking to speak to strangers backed off and let the rogue do the talking. “You aren’t getting shit” I heard him say as I turned around and charged the dracotaur who had pointed his weapon at the rogue.

A Lost Ally and a New Friend

We rushed into the chamber where the monk leader lay and we saw a something which we were not prepared for, a hideous disembodied skull without skin or a jaw laying upon a pedestal in the center of a circular chamber. Behind the skull was an unfinished portal identical to the one we had seen at the druids cabin, and also powered by the same evil entity. Our mage attempted to move the skull from the platform with magic, but was in turn thrown around the chamber by the skull’s power. While the power of the skull was truly incredible, it could not directly attack us but instead rebounded the force exerted on it back to the attacker unless the force was too great. Our mage saw through a magical vision that a large portion of the skulls power came from the portal and the power that influenced it. While we distracted the skull our mage temporarily sealed the portal as to cut off some of its power. It worked, which allowed us to severely weaken the skull enough that we were now able to harm it more efficiently. During the battle the dwarf suffered major redirected damage while I dealt most of the damage. Nearing the end of the battle the portal’s power surged heavily, the mage’s hold on the it collapsed, and the skull returned to full power. Because our mage could no longer hold the portal she was now able to attack the skull. As she dealt the killing blow the skull collapsed and a vacuum opened around the portal that sucked the mage in and then collapsed. Shocked by the loss our mage we journeyed to the great library to see if we could rescue her. While exploring subterranean tunnels we killed several kobalds and found a prisoner of theirs that happeed to be an infant mindflayer who we decided to take care of because we knew that he would make a very powerful ally once reached maturity

Turf War

Today we decided to visit the magically aligned city of Grenejo because we felt we needed to make magical allies and equipment. We crossed across the plain are west of the capital on the way to the river where we would use our barge to avoid the Great Canyon and the dangers it possessed. Along the road we encountered a caravan piloted by one man with a cigar. He offered to sell us enchanted arms for half of the price of a magical shop, although I gathered from his tone that these items were not exactly gained though practical means. Our dwarven defender friend needed a new waraxe, but the axe of great cleaving the man was selling was being overcharged severely. I clearly had to talk down the price of the axe, so I told the vendor that I would pay him the rest of his asked price at our house. I lied and told him that we lived in the capital and secretly sent a hawk to send a message to the guard captain of the capital to arrest the thief when he arrived. When we got on our barge and headed down the river we passed another barge taking armor to Amazing Armors but we decided to let it alone to continue onward. Nearing the city a trireme made of driftwood and seaweed and occupied by Sahuagin. The Sahuagin queen greeted us warmly and told us of their mission to exterminate a group of aquatic elves. She offered us one of their aquatic vessels if we accompanied them on their mission, and we agreed. She gave us each a necklace of water-breathing and we accompanied them to the to the elf garrison. We fought the underlings and killed them with ease, but the leaders summoned a powerful aquatic curse that knocked out most of the Sahuagin save the queen and a guard named Chuck Norris Sahuagin. He and us easily killed the leaders except the most powerful whom I spared at the request of the queen though I severed his right ear. The queen took her prisoner for interrogation ad sent our new vessel to our home and promised to help us when we called and asked for assistance when we could spare it. We continued onward to the city and continue to experience the magic city and its wonders.


Forgive my negligence in documenting our various adventures, as we have been preoccupied with our affairs. I may or not forget a less important adventure as i am involved in many very often. After Obito died we mourned, until his sister, also a half elf and a wizard, arrived at our home after receiving news of his death. She decided to take his brother’s place in our party. On our return to the capital we fought with the guards and heard of a corrupt organization operating inside the city. We investigated and learned of the evil of Abstergo Industries. When we entered their warehouse we killed the guards and found a safe that we were unable to open and our cleric severely damaged with his flail. The other guards heard the noise and rushed to the safe. I hid and the rest of the party fought we eventually won and found evidence of a larger enterprise.
Our next encounter was in the dwarven city of Giorgaron after we had received tell of a powerful weapon deep in the bowels of the mines in the mountain. Before we reached the city we came across a barge laden with goods headed down the river to the capital, seeing an opportunity we hijacked the ship with little ease and loss of many items but had received a barge and a good sum of gold. We next traveled into the city and admired its splendor and headed into the mines. We weren’t lost because we had invested in a map and found the chamber where the dagger of luck lay. I disarmed the traps around the pedestal but when I lifted the dagger and blacked out from poison traps. I was taken back to the city for healing and when I awoke I toke the dagger for my own. We then made our way to the King’s throne room. The king appeared incredibly ancient and senile upon his throne with his massive crown that appeared to weigh heavily upon his weak neck. Alekion was in some psychotic break and threw a spear at the king’s head, which in turn disintegrated. Hardly phased by the attack the king continued talking until Alekion prepared another spear to attack. Before he could spring I caught him and threw him at the king where upon he disintegrated as well, marking the second party member to fall in a week. We then at with the king and spoke with his son about world affairs, and we were recommended to join the allied armies.
We traveled to the army encampment outside the capital and asked the general if we could sign up as a strike team. He told us to prove ourselves as capable warriors by defeating a nearby rebel camp. We obliged and slaughtered the camp of rebels with relative ease and received a commission in the army. For our first quest we traveled to a small village nearby that had reported problems with a rogue druid. He had been extorting the townspeople for money for his research by using his animals to threaten them. We traveled up the path to his hut but met him on the road, fought him, and chased him home where our wizard impersonated his mother and fooled him into revealing secrets. One secret was a portal under construction that we were baffled by and received no answers, as the druid became possessed by the force that had instructed him to build the portal. He attacked us and we killed him promptly. Next we were sent to find a universal solvent and went to the great library of Trechara. We came across the solvent with ease and found many wonders in the library, but with little memorable interactions. We saw a quest bounty for the rusty fighter ad saw it as an opportunity to join the fighters guild. We fought our way into the guild and traveled to an arena to face the rusty fighter. Along the way we met a dwarven defender who joined us and then fought the rusty fighter while I influenced the crowd in order to win more from our bets. He successfully beat down the fighter but he fled and we pursued him. He fell into a man-hole and died then I rappelled down to retrieve the gauntlet he possessed that turned metal to rust. Figures in black came through the sewer and took the gauntlet but passed up some gold. They said they were from the remains of the Assassin’s Guild. We received a massive sum from the fight which we will use for our adventures.
Once as we traveled toward the capital and came across a band of evil monks that appeared to have self-mutilated themselves. They attacked us and we killed them and left one to tell us where the rest of the monks were and then slew him. We took their heads as trophies and then headed toward their temple. We happened upon a bandit caravan that we destroyed and continued onward. When we arrived at the temple several acolytes and a few senior ranking members attacked us, and through a long and very difficult battle we killed them. We stayed the night to heal our wounds and in the morning assaulted the monk leader. He was a grotesque sight, a skinless jaw-less skull on a pedestal with incredible magical powers. We are in the middle of that battle.

Bandit Quest II

Today Obito ventured across a half orc barbarian named Eli who was ethusiastic to join our group with the promise of blood and bacon. Today we journeyed to The Capital and visited The Wild Stallion(I) to look for bounties or outstanding warrants, as we were relaxing a drunk half orc attacked Eli. We attacked the orc and knocked him unconscious as a group of guards came walking over and the cleric told them it was self defense and waved them off. We found a bounty for a bandit group in the area and decided to pursue it. On the road we were confronted by a sphinx who posed a series of riddles before she let us pass. When we were approaching the bandits den our cleric sprung a trap and was hung upside down, sensing danger we instinctively hid and waited for the bandits. Soon a group of 5 guards came to check the trap and Eli attacked them. He wounded two and I wounded another superstitiously. Eli ran while Alekion fought with another bandit, as Eli ran I tripped two guards and Eli finshed them off. Eli was in a blind rage and continued to attack Obito who was very badly wounded. Eli searched Obito‘s supplies and found a bomb he thought was a health potion and ate the bomb only to be blown up from the inside. Seeking to help my party I looked for Obito’s potions and found a hidden potion labeled from his instructor. I dropped it on the ground and a magical willow tree sprang forth and healed Eli and gave him extra natural armor. The tree healed Obito and gave him a horn with magical properties. Obito scavenged the tree and used the bark in a potion that Eli drank and got blown up again. Failing life Eli used Obito’s life force to regain his own and gained his horn. Obito’s ghost continued to haunt Eli as we approached the den and continued to clear it of guards. We found a Master work flail that Eli and the cleric fought over and i stole. We then collected the bounty and went home.

First Quest (Altair)

Today our most generous hostess presented our ragtag party with a royally stamped warrant, placed out on a bandit clan whose less than reputable actions in the Hartherheck area have drawn military attention. I suggested we travel to The Capital to resupply. We arrived in the middle class section of the city and entered the nearest smithy entitled Jördan’s Scimitars. Jordan, a hairy dwarf with a knack for creating falchions and scimitars, thought very little of us and provided everything we required at normal wages. Next, our alchemist friend desired to refill his stock so we sought out Helenia’s Natural Supplies. Helenia found us to her liking for whatever reason and discounted our prices generously. After buying traveling gear from a vendor we set off to dispatch the bandits. On the road we were passing by a party of monks adorned in gray. Nearing them I sensed an air of disdain for our group and I began to feel that they would not be particularly benevolent toward us. After tempting them to act they produced a gray powder that drained the color from the air. A brief scrap ensued and the monks ended up naked with their clothes hanging from branches. A small guard patrol passed our way and I relieved them of their possessions inconspicuously. When we arrived at the bandit’s cave hideout I dispatched the guard and continued into the cave. I was given poison by Obito and next slew the two guards inside playing cards. We snuck into the bunk room and removed the bandit captain from his hammock to then behead him and prop his body upon a rack. Unwisely I tried to sack the clan’s possessions and a magical alarm blared. So I killed a bandit before he knew what happened and then ran from the room followed by three guards who ran into their own trap. I quickly disguised myself as a bandit and tricked the dumb one into leaving the cave. Meanwhile, the alchemist put the rest to sleep and hung them up by their toes. After calling the guards we had fun with the guards tricking them into thinking they were attacked by the devil. We then left for the manor to collect the reward with the captain’s head.

Alekion's Backstory

My name is Alekion Quarrel, and I am a fighter. I have fought all my life; it is part of my being. I was born into the Quarrllel clan of kobolds. The Quarrllel clan is a medium sized clan. I was the 3rd born of the 4th litter of my father Zaxis. Since we kobolds to do not live long we breed frequently. By human standards I have 56 siblings at the moment. Kobolds only count those in those in the same litter as them as brothers. Of them there was:
Wolfdin, the first born, he is now a hunter.
Delane, the second of us, she is an expert machinist.
I am the third born.
Vallburne, the fourth born, he was a miner, he died in a mining accident last year.
Corvale, the fifth born, took an interest in sorcery, my parent disowned him, but I still am in contact with him.
Herrine, the sixth born, was killed in a raid from another clan.
Sivinth, the seventh born, she took after my mother and became a healer and a wife and started her own family.
I am still in good relations with all of my family. I spent my first 18 months being raised by my father. We learned skills and trades and chose our own path. I was always the most argumentative of the group. I often tried to take on two of my brothers at once or even take on a ‘sibling’ from an older different litter. On our 18th birthday (by months) my father kicked us out to find where our true destiny was. I began to travel, brawling at various inns, joining a group of bandits for a brief while, and even took a small job as a tax collector for a town. I never stayed in a location for more than a month.
I eventually took off for the wonders of the capital’s magnificence. On my way, I noticed a side road leading off to a small manor. Thinking of terrorizing my way into the noble’s gold, I walked up and knocked on their door, drawing my crossbow. I was greeted by an old woman. She took one look at my crossbow just as the string broke. She welcomed my in and had me sit down in the dining hall.
Off to one side were a shadowy looking elf, and a half elf that looked like he came from an insane asylum. The old woman explained that she was a fortune teller she knew I was coming to the house. She also knew that the two in the corner were destined for greatness, just like the heroes of Volran. She said I was destined to be their protector, their guardian. I smiled and explained my services came at a price. Thus I became the fighter for Altiar and Obito… At least for a while… Soon I will find their money hoard and be off a rich kobold indeed!


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