Your Home

Your home, the base of all your encounters. The house is near/in Town/City(Undetermined). It has four total floors, an attic, the first floor, the ground floor, and the basement. It also has sizable grounds. The attic is one large room with a lot of empty space.

The first floor has 6 bedrooms, two ladders leading up, and two stairways leading down. Each bedroom has a bed, a desk, an armor stand (mannequin) , a weapon stand, a lockable chest, and a door leading out to a balcony.

The ground floor has one large door from the outside leading in to the Entry hall. The Entry hall has a total of four doors, two leading to the sides to empty rooms, one leading out and one leading in to the Dining Area. It also has two stairways leading up and down. The Dining Area leads off two side doors containing a pantry and a kitchen, it also has 8 tables and a central stage area.

The basement is entered through the two central stairways, each one leads to a different room. One is empty. The other is filled with small pedestals, a large hallowed rock taking op the center space.

Resources Extracted and Stored:
Money (check with Altair)

Small resources (check with )

Big items:
River Barge

Your Home

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