The city Giorgaron sits inside Mount Giorga in the Fjell Mountains. It is the largest mining city on the continent populated primarily by dwarves. Their biggest export are ores, also producing a small amount of minerals and precious metals. The city is built on five levels, like most Dwarven cities. The Ingang, The House Ring, the Palace of Gioga, The Miskin, and The Mines
The first level, the Ingang is built at the entrance to Mount Giorga. It contains the major shops in the city, Everyone who is not a miner, nobility, or belongs to one of the houses resides here, including most travelers.
The second level resides inside the mountain at ground level. Here the 49 houses of Dwarves exist.
The third level is built inside the peak of the mountain. It holds the Palace of Gioga.
The fourth level is the Miskin, built underneath the the second. It holds the castless, the poor, those without a house.
The fifth level is the mines built into and around the lower mountain. It is not uncommon for some of the mines extend to neighboring mountain.

Pop: 17,500

Leader: Dwarven King Dverg

Trade: Imports/Exports cargo on the small tributary Biflod Stream to the Snegle River
Minerals: Iron, Copper, Coal, Flint, Tin, Silver, Gold, Precious Gems
River: Biflod Stream

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