Adventures through Trechara

Turf War

Today we decided to visit the magically aligned city of Grenejo because we felt we needed to make magical allies and equipment. We crossed across the plain are west of the capital on the way to the river where we would use our barge to avoid the Great Canyon and the dangers it possessed. Along the road we encountered a caravan piloted by one man with a cigar. He offered to sell us enchanted arms for half of the price of a magical shop, although I gathered from his tone that these items were not exactly gained though practical means. Our dwarven defender friend needed a new waraxe, but the axe of great cleaving the man was selling was being overcharged severely. I clearly had to talk down the price of the axe, so I told the vendor that I would pay him the rest of his asked price at our house. I lied and told him that we lived in the capital and secretly sent a hawk to send a message to the guard captain of the capital to arrest the thief when he arrived. When we got on our barge and headed down the river we passed another barge taking armor to Amazing Armors but we decided to let it alone to continue onward. Nearing the city a trireme made of driftwood and seaweed and occupied by Sahuagin. The Sahuagin queen greeted us warmly and told us of their mission to exterminate a group of aquatic elves. She offered us one of their aquatic vessels if we accompanied them on their mission, and we agreed. She gave us each a necklace of water-breathing and we accompanied them to the to the elf garrison. We fought the underlings and killed them with ease, but the leaders summoned a powerful aquatic curse that knocked out most of the Sahuagin save the queen and a guard named Chuck Norris Sahuagin. He and us easily killed the leaders except the most powerful whom I spared at the request of the queen though I severed his right ear. The queen took her prisoner for interrogation ad sent our new vessel to our home and promised to help us when we called and asked for assistance when we could spare it. We continued onward to the city and continue to experience the magic city and its wonders.


IceFrozzen NathanWagner

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