Adventures through Trechara

The Pit Fiend

After the ordeal with The Horde we continued into what seemed like an empty village. As we were exploring the area a Pit Fiend walking his hounds came to the village. We noticed he had a very nice fedora and a neck beard. We began a conversation and he told us of a place to get some loot to make the trip worth. He said there was a Bone Devil in the area that had a lair with some nice loot. We began to explore the area around the village, when we came upon the demon. I charged at it but as i was about to hit it i charged through the demon. It reappeared behind our cleric dealing massive damage. We fought the demon for about 30 seconds when it summoned an ice wall to isolate our cleric and finish him off. The assassin ran full speed and jumped 40 feet into the air, over the wall, tumbling into a fighting position. Simultaneously the barbarian charged through the ice wall, shattering it. The beast saw it was outnumbered and teleported about 50 feet away. All three of us fired our crossbows and hit it in the head. We heard a bunch of demonic children cheer and his body exploded into a chest. We then collected our loot and headed back to the village.


IceFrozzen argonian2

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