Adventures through Trechara

The Horde

As we entered a new area, a flood of lava began pouring out of the canyon walls. It amassed into the a giant blob spread out across the floor of the canyon. Then it split apart and began to morph into beings. 50 Lemurs were formed form the lava and charged us like a horde. The assassin boldly fought as he took down half of the horde. He jumped from foe to foe killing each one in one or two strokes. Meanwhile the cleric had beat down a meager two lemur. The cleric is really bad at killing things. He decided to conserve the time it would take to beat all the lemurs to death by Summoning the Goat of Trevail. The beast roared a mighty roar and rekt the rest of the lemur, for he was too OP for them.


IceFrozzen argonian2

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