Adventures through Trechara

the battle for mount volran

the great battle

Mount volran was the home of the extinct volcano and lava dragon where riardon the ranger,and a Minotaur, perished valiantly fighting it. a dum ass mage who’s name eludes me barely escaped. they were part of a great adventuring crew. they fought the evil king and the powerful Mage at his side and their army. But the adventuring crew had raised an army of their own. they had hunters, werewolves, angels, misc animals and giants. they fought valiantly but even with there army they were losing so the giants decided to head in and take out the iron golem. it was 4 to 1 but the iron golem still fell 2 giants before dying. the hunters were dealing massive damage to the evil amry but the wichtes were taking giant damages on their infantry. so everybody with a bow fired at the witch. the witch summoned a black mist that caught all of their arrows and shot them back at the good army. but the giant king throw the iron golem carcass at the arrows it deflected all but the one ones amied at him. the storm giant king fell. the other giants were outraged and blindly charged the witch who held them off. the witch was able to kill both of them. riordan had such an amazing archery skill he was able to take out the witch from 200 yards away. then all that was left was the king and the mage. the king had a golden sword that did what it was commanded to do. after the Minotaur had slayed the king his body fell into the volcano. then his mage jumped into too. then a great lava dragon came out of the volcano where riardon and the Minotaur perished. then the mage was eaten by the dragon and so ended the legacy of this great adventuring crew.


Fat ass minotaur very classy jerk

the battle for mount volran

my mage did not die

the battle for mount volran
IceFrozzen argonian2

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