Adventures through Trechara

First Quest (Altair)

Today our most generous hostess presented our ragtag party with a royally stamped warrant, placed out on a bandit clan whose less than reputable actions in the Hartherheck area have drawn military attention. I suggested we travel to The Capital to resupply. We arrived in the middle class section of the city and entered the nearest smithy entitled J├Ârdan’s Scimitars. Jordan, a hairy dwarf with a knack for creating falchions and scimitars, thought very little of us and provided everything we required at normal wages. Next, our alchemist friend desired to refill his stock so we sought out Helenia’s Natural Supplies. Helenia found us to her liking for whatever reason and discounted our prices generously. After buying traveling gear from a vendor we set off to dispatch the bandits. On the road we were passing by a party of monks adorned in gray. Nearing them I sensed an air of disdain for our group and I began to feel that they would not be particularly benevolent toward us. After tempting them to act they produced a gray powder that drained the color from the air. A brief scrap ensued and the monks ended up naked with their clothes hanging from branches. A small guard patrol passed our way and I relieved them of their possessions inconspicuously. When we arrived at the bandit’s cave hideout I dispatched the guard and continued into the cave. I was given poison by Obito and next slew the two guards inside playing cards. We snuck into the bunk room and removed the bandit captain from his hammock to then behead him and prop his body upon a rack. Unwisely I tried to sack the clan’s possessions and a magical alarm blared. So I killed a bandit before he knew what happened and then ran from the room followed by three guards who ran into their own trap. I quickly disguised myself as a bandit and tricked the dumb one into leaving the cave. Meanwhile, the alchemist put the rest to sleep and hung them up by their toes. After calling the guards we had fun with the guards tricking them into thinking they were attacked by the devil. We then left for the manor to collect the reward with the captain’s head.


this sucks balls

First Quest (Altair)
IceFrozzen NathanWagner

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