Adventures through Trechara


Forgive my negligence in documenting our various adventures, as we have been preoccupied with our affairs. I may or not forget a less important adventure as i am involved in many very often. After Obito died we mourned, until his sister, also a half elf and a wizard, arrived at our home after receiving news of his death. She decided to take his brother’s place in our party. On our return to the capital we fought with the guards and heard of a corrupt organization operating inside the city. We investigated and learned of the evil of Abstergo Industries. When we entered their warehouse we killed the guards and found a safe that we were unable to open and our cleric severely damaged with his flail. The other guards heard the noise and rushed to the safe. I hid and the rest of the party fought we eventually won and found evidence of a larger enterprise.
Our next encounter was in the dwarven city of Giorgaron after we had received tell of a powerful weapon deep in the bowels of the mines in the mountain. Before we reached the city we came across a barge laden with goods headed down the river to the capital, seeing an opportunity we hijacked the ship with little ease and loss of many items but had received a barge and a good sum of gold. We next traveled into the city and admired its splendor and headed into the mines. We weren’t lost because we had invested in a map and found the chamber where the dagger of luck lay. I disarmed the traps around the pedestal but when I lifted the dagger and blacked out from poison traps. I was taken back to the city for healing and when I awoke I toke the dagger for my own. We then made our way to the King’s throne room. The king appeared incredibly ancient and senile upon his throne with his massive crown that appeared to weigh heavily upon his weak neck. Alekion was in some psychotic break and threw a spear at the king’s head, which in turn disintegrated. Hardly phased by the attack the king continued talking until Alekion prepared another spear to attack. Before he could spring I caught him and threw him at the king where upon he disintegrated as well, marking the second party member to fall in a week. We then at with the king and spoke with his son about world affairs, and we were recommended to join the allied armies.
We traveled to the army encampment outside the capital and asked the general if we could sign up as a strike team. He told us to prove ourselves as capable warriors by defeating a nearby rebel camp. We obliged and slaughtered the camp of rebels with relative ease and received a commission in the army. For our first quest we traveled to a small village nearby that had reported problems with a rogue druid. He had been extorting the townspeople for money for his research by using his animals to threaten them. We traveled up the path to his hut but met him on the road, fought him, and chased him home where our wizard impersonated his mother and fooled him into revealing secrets. One secret was a portal under construction that we were baffled by and received no answers, as the druid became possessed by the force that had instructed him to build the portal. He attacked us and we killed him promptly. Next we were sent to find a universal solvent and went to the great library of Trechara. We came across the solvent with ease and found many wonders in the library, but with little memorable interactions. We saw a quest bounty for the rusty fighter ad saw it as an opportunity to join the fighters guild. We fought our way into the guild and traveled to an arena to face the rusty fighter. Along the way we met a dwarven defender who joined us and then fought the rusty fighter while I influenced the crowd in order to win more from our bets. He successfully beat down the fighter but he fled and we pursued him. He fell into a man-hole and died then I rappelled down to retrieve the gauntlet he possessed that turned metal to rust. Figures in black came through the sewer and took the gauntlet but passed up some gold. They said they were from the remains of the Assassin’s Guild. We received a massive sum from the fight which we will use for our adventures.
Once as we traveled toward the capital and came across a band of evil monks that appeared to have self-mutilated themselves. They attacked us and we killed them and left one to tell us where the rest of the monks were and then slew him. We took their heads as trophies and then headed toward their temple. We happened upon a bandit caravan that we destroyed and continued onward. When we arrived at the temple several acolytes and a few senior ranking members attacked us, and through a long and very difficult battle we killed them. We stayed the night to heal our wounds and in the morning assaulted the monk leader. He was a grotesque sight, a skinless jaw-less skull on a pedestal with incredible magical powers. We are in the middle of that battle.


IceFrozzen IceFrozzen

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