Adventures through Trechara

Bandit Quest II

Today Obito ventured across a half orc barbarian named Eli who was ethusiastic to join our group with the promise of blood and bacon. Today we journeyed to The Capital and visited The Wild Stallion(I) to look for bounties or outstanding warrants, as we were relaxing a drunk half orc attacked Eli. We attacked the orc and knocked him unconscious as a group of guards came walking over and the cleric told them it was self defense and waved them off. We found a bounty for a bandit group in the area and decided to pursue it. On the road we were confronted by a sphinx who posed a series of riddles before she let us pass. When we were approaching the bandits den our cleric sprung a trap and was hung upside down, sensing danger we instinctively hid and waited for the bandits. Soon a group of 5 guards came to check the trap and Eli attacked them. He wounded two and I wounded another superstitiously. Eli ran while Alekion fought with another bandit, as Eli ran I tripped two guards and Eli finshed them off. Eli was in a blind rage and continued to attack Obito who was very badly wounded. Eli searched Obito‘s supplies and found a bomb he thought was a health potion and ate the bomb only to be blown up from the inside. Seeking to help my party I looked for Obito’s potions and found a hidden potion labeled from his instructor. I dropped it on the ground and a magical willow tree sprang forth and healed Eli and gave him extra natural armor. The tree healed Obito and gave him a horn with magical properties. Obito scavenged the tree and used the bark in a potion that Eli drank and got blown up again. Failing life Eli used Obito’s life force to regain his own and gained his horn. Obito’s ghost continued to haunt Eli as we approached the den and continued to clear it of guards. We found a Master work flail that Eli and the cleric fought over and i stole. We then collected the bounty and went home.


IceFrozzen NathanWagner

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