Adventures through Trechara

Alekion's Backstory

My name is Alekion Quarrel, and I am a fighter. I have fought all my life; it is part of my being. I was born into the Quarrllel clan of kobolds. The Quarrllel clan is a medium sized clan. I was the 3rd born of the 4th litter of my father Zaxis. Since we kobolds to do not live long we breed frequently. By human standards I have 56 siblings at the moment. Kobolds only count those in those in the same litter as them as brothers. Of them there was:
Wolfdin, the first born, he is now a hunter.
Delane, the second of us, she is an expert machinist.
I am the third born.
Vallburne, the fourth born, he was a miner, he died in a mining accident last year.
Corvale, the fifth born, took an interest in sorcery, my parent disowned him, but I still am in contact with him.
Herrine, the sixth born, was killed in a raid from another clan.
Sivinth, the seventh born, she took after my mother and became a healer and a wife and started her own family.
I am still in good relations with all of my family. I spent my first 18 months being raised by my father. We learned skills and trades and chose our own path. I was always the most argumentative of the group. I often tried to take on two of my brothers at once or even take on a ‘sibling’ from an older different litter. On our 18th birthday (by months) my father kicked us out to find where our true destiny was. I began to travel, brawling at various inns, joining a group of bandits for a brief while, and even took a small job as a tax collector for a town. I never stayed in a location for more than a month.
I eventually took off for the wonders of the capital’s magnificence. On my way, I noticed a side road leading off to a small manor. Thinking of terrorizing my way into the noble’s gold, I walked up and knocked on their door, drawing my crossbow. I was greeted by an old woman. She took one look at my crossbow just as the string broke. She welcomed my in and had me sit down in the dining hall.
Off to one side were a shadowy looking elf, and a half elf that looked like he came from an insane asylum. The old woman explained that she was a fortune teller she knew I was coming to the house. She also knew that the two in the corner were destined for greatness, just like the heroes of Volran. She said I was destined to be their protector, their guardian. I smiled and explained my services came at a price. Thus I became the fighter for Altiar and Obito… At least for a while… Soon I will find their money hoard and be off a rich kobold indeed!


IceFrozzen technomageapprentice

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