Adventures through Trechara

A Lost Ally and a New Friend

We rushed into the chamber where the monk leader lay and we saw a something which we were not prepared for, a hideous disembodied skull without skin or a jaw laying upon a pedestal in the center of a circular chamber. Behind the skull was an unfinished portal identical to the one we had seen at the druids cabin, and also powered by the same evil entity. Our mage attempted to move the skull from the platform with magic, but was in turn thrown around the chamber by the skull’s power. While the power of the skull was truly incredible, it could not directly attack us but instead rebounded the force exerted on it back to the attacker unless the force was too great. Our mage saw through a magical vision that a large portion of the skulls power came from the portal and the power that influenced it. While we distracted the skull our mage temporarily sealed the portal as to cut off some of its power. It worked, which allowed us to severely weaken the skull enough that we were now able to harm it more efficiently. During the battle the dwarf suffered major redirected damage while I dealt most of the damage. Nearing the end of the battle the portal’s power surged heavily, the mage’s hold on the it collapsed, and the skull returned to full power. Because our mage could no longer hold the portal she was now able to attack the skull. As she dealt the killing blow the skull collapsed and a vacuum opened around the portal that sucked the mage in and then collapsed. Shocked by the loss our mage we journeyed to the great library to see if we could rescue her. While exploring subterranean tunnels we killed several kobalds and found a prisoner of theirs that happeed to be an infant mindflayer who we decided to take care of because we knew that he would make a very powerful ally once reached maturity


IceFrozzen IceFrozzen

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